Low Cost Spay and Neutering

spayAt the Saratoga County Animal Shelter we believe in doing what’s best, not only for your pet, but the entire pet population. This is why each animal that leaves our shelter is spayed and neutered. If you have an animal that needs to be spayed or neutered here are some great resources.

For Dogs:

Friends of Animals: 1-800-321-7387

Mohawk Hudson of Saratoga: 518-886-9645

Animal Protective Foundation: 518-374-3944

For Cats:

Cat Care Coalition: 518-466-8484

Cat Tales: 518-248-9682

Columbia Greene Humane Society: 518-828-6044

Friends of Animals: 1-800-321-7387

Guilderhaven Love Me Spay Me Program: 518-861-6861

Mohawk Hudson of Saratoga : 518-886-9645

Montgomery County SPCA: 518-842-8050

Quaintance House Animal Protective League: 518-692-9848

SCRUFF(Feral/Untamed cats): 518-439-627